Highly Rated

A long list of e-cigs can be exciting to peruse or too much information to take in. If you are new to the industry, know that many brands competed with what you see now and eventually went out of business or dropped below the top-5, even the top-10. The list is probably shorter today than it was a year ago, and that’s the way of a new business. Brands come, and brands go, but the ones which endure are names a customer should consider buying.

Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

The following article will outline five brands of e-cigs, the very top brands in this writer’s opinion. I judged them based on these factors:

• Customer service
• The quality of electronics
• E juice flavors and quality
• A variety of products
• Value for money

Many good ecigs will not make it to this list because they don’t satisfy one or two of these criteria. Green Smoke, for instance, is great value for the cost of a starter kit, but they only sell seven flavors of pre-filled cartomizers and regular mini cig batteries, no upgrades. White Cloud sells disposables, but no blank cartridges, e-juice, or eGos.

1. Halo

I love Halo. The colors of their sets are brilliant. Customers only now testing out the vaping scene can also buy cigarette-like colors if they want to blend in with friends who smoke or they are self-conscious about vaping. There is just one starter kit which some would say is a negative point, but I say it’s positive. Instead of stressing about which kit to buy, you get one option, and it’s the right one: two batteries, two chargers, five cartomizers with or without e-liquid, and a huge range of flavors.
When you want to upgrade, the Triton is a user-friendly, virtually indestructible item. A Tracer creates even more power and vapor, followed by a Reactor which is extremely powerful yet simple to use. When Halo Cigs introduced their Tracer and Reactor kits, they also made new e-juice blends with more vegetable glycerin so that vapor production would be thicker. These new mixtures allow one to use sub ohm coils to their full potential.

There are cheaper kits, but Halo’s pricing is fair and reflects true quality. Their e-juice doesn’t cost the earth, yet is one of the highest-rated brands around. Customers say good things about this firm which has been in operation since American e-cig brands were first launched.

2. Vaporfi

This Florida brand supplies a single starter kit for each of its devices too, but there are more of them. Vapers can start from the very beginning with an Express mini cig or a Pro eGo; move on to the Rocket or Rebel; then graduate to a box mod, their VEX VW TC kit. Tanks are flexible in that they are interchangeable with many systems at Vaporfi and elsewhere, so it’s not inconceivable to apply a vSix by Vaporfi to a Fuchai by Sigelei.

Vaporfi e-juice is some of the best you can buy and is carried by multiple vendors. Their award-winning Grand Reserve selection is made for sub ohm systems like their very own VEX and VAIO. These blends contain a lot of vegetable glycerin. Their regular e-juice is flexible. Customers can even create their own blends. An extensive reward program augments value for money.

3. V2

When they launched the VERTX, V2 changed the e cig landscape. Their newest beginner’s device doesn’t resemble a mini cig or an eGo but works like a cross between them both. Use V2 coupons to bring the cost of regular shopping to a more economical level, but pricing is competitive either way. There are more starter kit options as well as disposable e cigs at V2 where they now carry an assortment of e-juices besides their own. V2 has something in common with Vaporfi: they both carry herbal vaporizers. Now, one can vape any material with V2 and also vape at mini-cig level (around 4 hours per charge), add another hour or two plus more vapor and a touchscreen with the VERTX, or upgrade to the Pro Series 7 3-in-1 for a full day of vaping.

4. Vapor4Life

Who wouldn’t love a home-grown company with its own, unique series of devices? The Titan and King, like a V2 Classic or EX-Series battery, will supply two ways to vape cigarette-like batteries. Select the Zeus, a more powerful item, and even choose a hybrid automatic/manual product. Colors are stunning. Smileomizers are innovatively-shaped cartomizers. E-juice comes in an extensive array of flavors. Customers might relate to the powerful personal story behind Vapor4Life.

5. Apollo

This California company joins all but Vaporfi as one of the earliest brands available in the United States. They started out with a short list of starter kits in two forms: e cigs and eGos. Today’s equipment has been upgraded to include the original device — now only available in menthol or tobacco — plus a VTube, Reliant, and Endeavor. Graduated products are joined by award-winning high-VG e-liquids made to exceptional standards in an American lab.