For Beginners

Many smokers are increasingly turning to electronic cigarettes and vaping as a way of helping to cut down on tobacco, or even cut it out completely. Vaping gives smokers the nicotine hit they crave but without the thousands of harmful and cancer-causing chemicals which are found in cigarette smoke. The e-liquids which are used to fill e-cigarettes are even available in different nicotine strengths to help you cut down further over time, and lots of different flavors, from strawberry to glazed doughnut.

Some smokers are a little wary of making the switch from smoking to vaping because they are concerned that it will be too difficult to get used to the new equipment or because they fear that the gadgets needed to get started with electronic cigarettes will be too expensive. As many electronic cigarette reviews show, however, there are lots of disposable models on the market which are simplicity itself to use, and you can save money on every purchase through certain vaping store discounts in the form of coupons or promo codes.

Blu Cigs

As the name suggests, disposable electronic cigarettes are designed to be used just once and then thrown away. They come complete with enough charge and enough e-liquid for one use and are specifically designed to look and feel like cigarettes — right down to the packaging — to make it easier for smokers who have recently quit to adjust. Blu Cigs is one of the most popular and most respected brands of electronic cigarettes, and the Blu Disposable Classic has been a best seller since its launch.

The Blu Disposable Classic even has a blue light at the end which glows when you inhale the vapor, to give you the impression you are “smoking” a glowing cigarette. While the Blu Disposable Classic is only available in tobacco flavor, this is another aspect which appeals to ex-smokers who may actually find they miss the tobacco taste and are not quite ready to explore some of the more wild and wacky e-liquids on the market. This electronic cigarette has a nicotine strength of 18 mg, more than enough to satisfy the cravings of regular smokers.

OK E-cigs

Also sold in tobacco flavor and with a nicotine strength of either 30 mg or 45 mg, the OK E-cig is another product targeted at those who have recently quit smoking. The disposable electronic cigarette contains enough charge and enough e-liquid for around 500 inhalations — about the equivalent of 50 cigarettes. Great value for money even without a coupon to help you get a further price reduction. The OK E-cig arrives ready to smoke and has a red glowing tip which lights up when you inhale.


One of the best-known brands in electronic cigarettes and vaping is Vapestick, and their V3 disposable model guarantees both reliability and quality. Sold in packs of three, and with enough e-liquid for around 200 puffs, a pack of the Vapestick V3 will keep even heavy vapers supplied for several days. Built with a soft filter to recreate the feeling of having a real cigarette in your mouth, this is another model which is particularly popular with those who are just starting out with electronic cigarettes.

Apollo E-cigar

Of course, not all smokers smoke cigarettes; some smoke cigars, and the vaping industry even has a product specially aimed at this niche. The Apollo E-cigar is significantly more expensive than your average electronic cigarette, but its larger size allows it to contain a larger battery and more e-liquid giving the user an average of 1,600 inhalations per charge. Flavored with Cuban tobacco and with a glowing red tip, the authentic size, and shape of the Apollo will make you feel like you are really still smoking a cigar.


If you find that the tobacco flavored e-liquid isn’t to your taste, then you might prefer to try Vapourlites menthol disposable electronic cigarettes. Fitted with a soft filter, and a more unusual green glowing tip, this is an ideal model for those smokers who had perhaps already made the switch to menthol cigarettes before deciding to quit. Available in a nicotine strength of either 16 mg or 20 mg, Vapourlites menthol has enough charge and e-liquid for the equivalent of around 20 cigarettes, making this electronic cigarette great value for money.

There are lots of choices when it comes to electronic cigarettes, and you may have to shop around and try a few different models before you find the one for you. Lots of these brands also sell refillable electronic cigarettes for when you are ready to move onto a more advanced and more economical piece of equipment.