What Kind Of Dental Implants Are There?

Dental implants form a great way to replace missing teeth and maintain your smile. Different dental implants exist in the Houston area, so it is important to know what kind you want before you set out on the journey to getting one. When it comes to the different kinds of implants, there is not much difference between these options in terms of appearance or function; they provide similar results for patients seeking dental implants. In this article, we will discuss different kinds of dental implants.

Kinds Of Houston Dental Implants

1) Subperiosteal implants
Subperiosteal implants are placed on the jaw under the gum line. The process for this type of implant is usually completed in one or two visits but can take up to six months to become permanent.
The implant serves as an artificial tooth root. It is placed on top of the bone, and the body’s natural process for bone formation occurs beneath it—this takes time, but once this has occurred, you will have a strong connection that can last forever.
This type of dental implant allows immediate use of dentures or partials after surgery. Once implants are inserted under the gum line, they cannot be seen by others either.

If your dentist suggests subperiosteal implants, their many benefits to getting them:

  • Immediate denture/partial replacement so no embarrassing spaces while waiting for permanent teeth to grow in;
  • There is only one surgery needed compared with multiple surgeries required if traditional implants were used; and
  • You can use a temporary bridge until the abutment is placed for your permanent teeth.


  • Not everyone is a candidate for this type of implant surgery. If you have thin jaw bone, infection in the area where the surgery will take place or other conditions that prevent bone growth, these implants may not be an option for you; and they can cause problems when trying to clean your teeth because they are underneath the gum line.

2) Subgingival implants
Subgingival implants are placed under the gum line. This is a more invasive procedure and usually requires two or three surgeries, but it can take up to six months for tooth roots to become permanent.
This type of dental implant allows immediate use of dentures or partials after surgery. Once implanted, they cannot be seen by others either!

If your dentist suggests subgingival implants, their many benefits as well:

  • They provide strong teeth that look like natural teeth;
  • No need to wait around for bone formation like with other types because it has already occurred through normal processes in the mouth; and There is only one surgery needed compared with multiple surgeries required if traditional implants were used.


  • If you have a bad infection in your mouth or other conditions preventing bone growth, these implants may not be an option.
  • It can be difficult to clean because the implant is underneath the gum line, and brushing around it might cause irritation. So, flossing becomes even more important than ever

3) Traditional implants
Traditional implants are placed within the jawbone. This is a more invasive procedure and usually requires two or three surgeries, but it can take up to six months for tooth roots to become permanent.
This type of dental implant allows immediate use of dentures or partials after surgery. Once implanted, they cannot be seen by others either.

If you are looking for Houston TX dental implants, Nuvia Smiles is definitely one of our favorite options.

If your dentist suggests traditional implants, their many benefits as well:

  • They provide strong teeth that look like natural teeth;
  • No need to wait around for bone formation like with other types because it has already occurred through normal processes in the mouth; and
  • There is only one surgery needed compared with multiple surgeries required if subgingival were used.


  • Even though there is more than one surgery, you will still need to have multiple surgeries with subgingival implants.
  • This procedure can be the most invasive requiring the longest recovery time. So if your dentist suggests traditional dental implants, they are probably trying to avoid placing them under or on top of your gum line for some reason that might not be suitable for you.

The best option for an implant depends on each person’s unique situation and needs, so talk to your dentist about what works best in YOUR case! They want their patients to get the treatments they NEED, not just want. So don’t hesitate to ask questions before moving forward with any treatment plan! Your oral health matters too much to do anything else but make sure it.

Getting A Refill

When most smokers first make the decision to switch to vaping, the first product they will probably buy is a disposable e-cigarette. These are convenient and easy to use, arriving fully charged and pre-filled with e-liquid, and are designed to look and feel like tobacco products to help in the transition from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

However, the one thing they don’t have is flexibility. Disposable e-cigs tend to come in only a small range of flavors and nicotine strengths, whereas there are many different e-liquid products you can try if you have an e-cig or vape pen which can be refilled, recharged and re-used over and over again. This is also a more economical option; rather than using disposable electronic cigarettes and throwing them out, you can keep using them, only having to pay for the e-liquids you use to fill the device and the power to recharge your batteries.

These refillable e-cigs may be more expensive to buy than disposable models, but you will definitely save more money in the long term. And if you check vaping websites, you might even track down a Madvapes coupon which can help you save even more on your initial purchase.

Gamucci Starter Kit

Gamucci is one the world’s best-known e-cig brands, thanks mainly to the quality and authenticity of its tobacco flavor, something particularly popular with those who may still be missing their cigarettes. The starter kit for their refillable model has everything you need to start vaping and to keep your Gamucci device charged for future use. Designed with a glowing tip to make it look and feel more like a real cigarette, the e-cig is simply charged through a USB port on any computer or in special USB plugs.

The starter pack comes with just one refill carton, equivalent to about 30 cigarettes. This is ideal for those who are experimenting with different flavors, as if you don’t like what’s included in the starter pack, you can soon replace it with something new.

VIP Refillable E-cigarette

Easy to assemble, most of the e-cig reviews of this product talk about the quality of the vapor it produces, which is above the standard of most smaller devices. The VIP starter kit not only includes a USB charger but also two refill cartons, which means that the whole pack is equivalent to about 80 cigarettes worth of inhalations.

The design is also important to the VIP brand. Not only are their e-cigarettes well crafted, but their packaging is made to look just like a packet of cigarettes. In fact, no one would even know the difference if they saw your VIP e-cig box in your bag or on your desk until you took out the device and started vaping.

Blu E-cigarettes

Well known for their excellent quality disposable e-cigs, Blu also makes a reliable and effective refillable e-cig. The starter kit comes with a charger and two refill cartons of classic tobacco flavor e-liquid. E-cig reviews regularly praise the high quality of this flavor, which is developed from a blend of Virginian, Indonesian and Brazilian tobacco, but Blu also stocks refill cartons in a wider range of flavors if you fancy trying something new or feel that it is the time to let go of your dependence on tobacco. Particular favorites are the vanilla and cherry e-liquids.

The tobacco e-liquid has a nicotine strength of 18 mg, and the starter kit includes enough refill material for over 600 inhalations. The price of the kit even includes a stylish carry case, which helps to keep your e-cig clean and safe when it is being carried in your bag or pocket.


The E-lites electronic cigarettes are one of the cheaper refillable options on the market. This is because while you can use it as a refillable device, you can also treat it as a disposable e-cig. It comes ready to use, though the device itself is not as durable as most of the other devices already mentioned. E-lites is a great back up option to keep in your glove compartment or desk in case you should forget your principal device, but most serious vapers would usually prefer a more quality product if they are going to be using it long term.

Refillable and rechargeable e-cigs are a great way to experiment with different flavors and different nicotine strengths of e-liquids; something which can keep you interested in vaping and less likely to go back to smoking. These refills also make vaping cheaper than smoking, especially, if you have an added reduction from a Madvapes coupon.

For Beginners

Many smokers are increasingly turning to electronic cigarettes and vaping as a way of helping to cut down on tobacco, or even cut it out completely. Vaping gives smokers the nicotine hit they crave but without the thousands of harmful and cancer-causing chemicals which are found in cigarette smoke. The e-liquids which are used to fill e-cigarettes are even available in different nicotine strengths to help you cut down further over time, and lots of different flavors, from strawberry to glazed doughnut.

Some smokers are a little wary of making the switch from smoking to vaping because they are concerned that it will be too difficult to get used to the new equipment or because they fear that the gadgets needed to get started with electronic cigarettes will be too expensive. As many electronic cigarette reviews show, however, there are lots of disposable models on the market which are simplicity itself to use, and you can save money on every purchase through certain vaping store discounts in the form of coupons or promo codes.

Blu Cigs

As the name suggests, disposable electronic cigarettes are designed to be used just once and then thrown away. They come complete with enough charge and enough e-liquid for one use and are specifically designed to look and feel like cigarettes — right down to the packaging — to make it easier for smokers who have recently quit to adjust. Blu Cigs is one of the most popular and most respected brands of electronic cigarettes, and the Blu Disposable Classic has been a best seller since its launch.

The Blu Disposable Classic even has a blue light at the end which glows when you inhale the vapor, to give you the impression you are “smoking” a glowing cigarette. While the Blu Disposable Classic is only available in tobacco flavor, this is another aspect which appeals to ex-smokers who may actually find they miss the tobacco taste and are not quite ready to explore some of the more wild and wacky e-liquids on the market. This electronic cigarette has a nicotine strength of 18 mg, more than enough to satisfy the cravings of regular smokers.

OK E-cigs

Also sold in tobacco flavor and with a nicotine strength of either 30 mg or 45 mg, the OK E-cig is another product targeted at those who have recently quit smoking. The disposable electronic cigarette contains enough charge and enough e-liquid for around 500 inhalations — about the equivalent of 50 cigarettes. Great value for money even without a coupon to help you get a further price reduction. The OK E-cig arrives ready to smoke and has a red glowing tip which lights up when you inhale.


One of the best-known brands in electronic cigarettes and vaping is Vapestick, and their V3 disposable model guarantees both reliability and quality. Sold in packs of three, and with enough e-liquid for around 200 puffs, a pack of the Vapestick V3 will keep even heavy vapers supplied for several days. Built with a soft filter to recreate the feeling of having a real cigarette in your mouth, this is another model which is particularly popular with those who are just starting out with electronic cigarettes.

Apollo E-cigar

Of course, not all smokers smoke cigarettes; some smoke cigars, and the vaping industry even has a product specially aimed at this niche. The Apollo E-cigar is significantly more expensive than your average electronic cigarette, but its larger size allows it to contain a larger battery and more e-liquid giving the user an average of 1,600 inhalations per charge. Flavored with Cuban tobacco and with a glowing red tip, the authentic size, and shape of the Apollo will make you feel like you are really still smoking a cigar.


If you find that the tobacco flavored e-liquid isn’t to your taste, then you might prefer to try Vapourlites menthol disposable electronic cigarettes. Fitted with a soft filter, and a more unusual green glowing tip, this is an ideal model for those smokers who had perhaps already made the switch to menthol cigarettes before deciding to quit. Available in a nicotine strength of either 16 mg or 20 mg, Vapourlites menthol has enough charge and e-liquid for the equivalent of around 20 cigarettes, making this electronic cigarette great value for money.

There are lots of choices when it comes to electronic cigarettes, and you may have to shop around and try a few different models before you find the one for you. Lots of these brands also sell refillable electronic cigarettes for when you are ready to move onto a more advanced and more economical piece of equipment.

Putting Up The Next Page

iPage.com is an extremely popular platform for creating websites because of the many features that it offers. Several of these features are not available with its competitors or they charge an additional fee. This platform is ideal for the novice webmaster or website designer because most of the services that you need to have your site up and running in little to no time is included, so you don’t have to worry about adding on the right services with additional costs to get you started. Using an iPage.com coupon code can compound those savings in your first year.

Basic Features

iPage.com offers users unlimited disk space to store files and data. You can upload as much content as you would like without worrying about maxing out or paying additional fees. You also get scalable bandwidth so that your website can handle as much traffic as you can drive to it. Included with your hosting purchase is also a free domain for one year.

Hosting Features

Hosting features can get pretty technical if you don’t understand website jargon but the most important features that you will have available are a FileManager to organize your data, audio and video support to assist with adding graphics and digital media to your site, website backup software to ensure your content isn’t lost if your site goes down for any reason and a bandwidth and disk usage monitor to track the performance of your site.

E-commerce Features

Most platforms charge an additional fee for e-commerce features, however, this is included in the iPage.com package which makes it extremely popular for those wanting to sell online. Not only will you be able to set up a free online store but it can be integrated with your PayPal account. There is an easy one-click installer. You can use the AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, ZenCart or TomatoCart as your preferred shopping cart. These options are very attractive if you are already hosting a shopping cart on another platform and simply want to switch hosting sites.

Technology Features

iPage.com goes above and beyond to provide technology features to keep your site safe. This includes an enhanced security suite valued at $100. With the 24/7 network monitoring, someone is watching your site at all times to ensure it is up and running. If there is a problem, someone will notify you rather than clients finding an error page when they attempt to access your information. You will also receive visitor statistics and site traffic reporting.

Design Features

The design is perhaps one of the most important features of your website because it is what the customers sees. It captures their attention and can make the difference between them staying and closing the page. iPage.com provides hundreds of templates and themes for you to choose from. You can design your first six pages at no cost. The site design is easy to set up with wizards to guide you through the process and a one-click WordPress installer. You can host your PixelPost, b2evolution, WordPress or another blog on this platform as well. You can also integrate your content management system, photo gallery or forums into the platform. iPage.com makes it easy to take what you already have and bring it all home to one platform.

Marketing Features

Once your site is up and running, you want to be sure everyone knows about it. iPage.com offers access to online marketing guides to help you develop your marketing strategy. You also receive a $100 coupon code from Google AdWords and a $100 coupon code from Bing. Your business will be listed on YellowPages.com for free as well as receiving one toll-free phone number if you are a United States-based business.

Email Features

Crafting a professional online brand includes having a professional email account that directs to an account associated with your domain based URL. iPage.com provides a customizable email address as well as email forwarding, autoresponders, virus checking and customizable spam filters.

Support Features

As a novice webmaster, having support is essential. Whatever problem you may be experiencing with your site, someone from iPage.com will be available to help you. Not only are there step-by-step tutorials but you also have access to 24/7 phone and chat support. Additionally, there is an online help center with ticketing system to track the process of your issue. If you’re not satisfied, iPage.com offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

As you can see, using iPage.com to design your next website can be quick and easy with all the available features. Although their prices are already extremely low, finding a coupon code will help you to kick off your online site in the most economical way.

Highly Rated

A long list of e-cigs can be exciting to peruse or too much information to take in. If you are new to the industry, know that many brands competed with what you see now and eventually went out of business or dropped below the top-5, even the top-10. The list is probably shorter today than it was a year ago, and that’s the way of a new business. Brands come, and brands go, but the ones which endure are names a customer should consider buying.

Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

The following article will outline five brands of e-cigs, the very top brands in this writer’s opinion. I judged them based on these factors:

• Customer service
• The quality of electronics
• E juice flavors and quality
• A variety of products
• Value for money

Many good ecigs will not make it to this list because they don’t satisfy one or two of these criteria. Green Smoke, for instance, is great value for the cost of a starter kit, but they only sell seven flavors of pre-filled cartomizers and regular mini cig batteries, no upgrades. White Cloud sells disposables, but no blank cartridges, e-juice, or eGos.

1. Halo

I love Halo. The colors of their sets are brilliant. Customers only now testing out the vaping scene can also buy cigarette-like colors if they want to blend in with friends who smoke or they are self-conscious about vaping. There is just one starter kit which some would say is a negative point, but I say it’s positive. Instead of stressing about which kit to buy, you get one option, and it’s the right one: two batteries, two chargers, five cartomizers with or without e-liquid, and a huge range of flavors.
When you want to upgrade, the Triton is a user-friendly, virtually indestructible item. A Tracer creates even more power and vapor, followed by a Reactor which is extremely powerful yet simple to use. When Halo Cigs introduced their Tracer and Reactor kits, they also made new e-juice blends with more vegetable glycerin so that vapor production would be thicker. These new mixtures allow one to use sub ohm coils to their full potential.

There are cheaper kits, but Halo’s pricing is fair and reflects true quality. Their e-juice doesn’t cost the earth, yet is one of the highest-rated brands around. Customers say good things about this firm which has been in operation since American e-cig brands were first launched.

2. Vaporfi

This Florida brand supplies a single starter kit for each of its devices too, but there are more of them. Vapers can start from the very beginning with an Express mini cig or a Pro eGo; move on to the Rocket or Rebel; then graduate to a box mod, their VEX VW TC kit. Tanks are flexible in that they are interchangeable with many systems at Vaporfi and elsewhere, so it’s not inconceivable to apply a vSix by Vaporfi to a Fuchai by Sigelei.

Vaporfi e-juice is some of the best you can buy and is carried by multiple vendors. Their award-winning Grand Reserve selection is made for sub ohm systems like their very own VEX and VAIO. These blends contain a lot of vegetable glycerin. Their regular e-juice is flexible. Customers can even create their own blends. An extensive reward program augments value for money.

3. V2

When they launched the VERTX, V2 changed the e cig landscape. Their newest beginner’s device doesn’t resemble a mini cig or an eGo but works like a cross between them both. Use V2 coupons to bring the cost of regular shopping to a more economical level, but pricing is competitive either way. There are more starter kit options as well as disposable e cigs at V2 where they now carry an assortment of e-juices besides their own. V2 has something in common with Vaporfi: they both carry herbal vaporizers. Now, one can vape any material with V2 and also vape at mini-cig level (around 4 hours per charge), add another hour or two plus more vapor and a touchscreen with the VERTX, or upgrade to the Pro Series 7 3-in-1 for a full day of vaping.

4. Vapor4Life

Who wouldn’t love a home-grown company with its own, unique series of devices? The Titan and King, like a V2 Classic or EX-Series battery, will supply two ways to vape cigarette-like batteries. Select the Zeus, a more powerful item, and even choose a hybrid automatic/manual product. Colors are stunning. Smileomizers are innovatively-shaped cartomizers. E-juice comes in an extensive array of flavors. Customers might relate to the powerful personal story behind Vapor4Life.

5. Apollo

This California company joins all but Vaporfi as one of the earliest brands available in the United States. They started out with a short list of starter kits in two forms: e cigs and eGos. Today’s equipment has been upgraded to include the original device — now only available in menthol or tobacco — plus a VTube, Reliant, and Endeavor. Graduated products are joined by award-winning high-VG e-liquids made to exceptional standards in an American lab.

Essential Workers: A Big Thank You!

Wonderful things happen when we honor our essential workers. I am dedicating this post to give you all a huge THANK YOU for hanging in there during these tumultuous times. You have been steadfast in your dedication to continue doing your jobs, no matter what.

I can only imagine (since I myself am NOT an “essential worker”) what it feels like to go to work every day, not knowing who may be posing a particular threat to your own personal well-being and health (both physical AND emotional).

I know you just have to be exhausted. Just hearing about what you go through from day to day is exhausting. I want you all to know that I care deeply about you, and am sending the most positive energy as possible your way. Stay strong. A lot of people care about you. Love from this webmaster.